A Rebuilt Seamers and Fillers Manufacturer,

dedicated to manufacturing, rebuilding and overhauling can seamers and fillers for all kinds of products, and manufacturing and providing spare parts and other kits not only for the SOMME® trademark but also for other brands used in food and can-making industries.

Palmabriz makes it easy to convert your company's needs to material solutions. Through our excellent customer service, we work to find the right fit for you while also prioritizing your timeline.

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Rebuilt Fillers and Seamers

Aftermarket Seamer Parts

- Remanufactured as New -

Rebuilt Fillers and Seamers

Sometimes it's best to use something that has been proven to work. With Rebuilt Seamers, you can enjoy the reliability of known companies like Angelus® and FMC Technologies at a competitive price.

Palmabriz and Ezquerra provide technical assistance, repair and reconstruction of machinery, among other services.

Rebuilt Angelus®

Angelus® Seamers are well known for their quality and reliability. We are pleased to offer eight rebuilt seamers, from the 29P up to the 59P.

150 - 300 CPM (based on product)

Product Catalogs

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Based out of Spain

Thanks to Palmabriz, getting the right equipment, whether that be a seamer, a filler, or parts, is fast and efficient.

In this modern era, working with international companies like Ezquerra is simple and straightforward. There are additional benefits to choosing Ezquerra products:

  • Competitive Price
  • Proved Experience
  • Comprehensive service
  • Efficient and reliable machinery