A Spanish filler and capper manufacturer,

with 20 years of experience delivering machines and services tailored to your unique requirements.

Palmabriz makes it easy to convert your company's needs into material solutions. Through our excellent customer service, we work to find the right fit for you while considering your timeline.




HV Cappers

- Precision and Cleanliness -


Ayrtac‘s range of volumetric piston fillers is designed to take the simplicity of operation and cleanliness standards to another level.

They are not like the others. These fillers are the fastest and most complete fillers for liquids and paste.

Small Production

Machines for small-scale production and growing packaging processes. Very easy-to-use and versatile equipment.

20 - 40 containers per minute

See the Fillers in Action

Based in Spain

The process of buying machinery is streamlined and simplified with the experience that Palmabriz brings to the table.

Not only does modern technology make commerce with Europe a breeze, there are many other benefits to choosing products from Ayrtac:

  • Competitive Price
  • Proved Experience
  • Comprehensive service
  • Efficient and Reliable Machinery