A Japanese commercial fruit processing machinery manufacturer,

was founded to improve the quality of life for people who peel persimmons in Fukushima, Japan, where they are a local delicacy. with a lot of work and research, Astra made the 'Peel-A-Ton' peeler. With the success of Astra's first entry into the market, they have looked to the future and carried their expertise to make products for a range of fruits and vegetables.

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Low-mid production

High Production

- Peeling Faster and More Efficient -

Low-mid production

Astra makes machines while taking into account constraints in business that require peeling.

The KA-700H measures 11.8-by-10.6-by-5-inches, making it ideal for countertop use. All units are designed for space efficiency, making them the ideal solution for users who do not require larger industrial-size peeling machines.

Peeling Machine KA-730M

KA-730M is the affordably-priced, smaller version of KA-750PM, specially manufactured for mangoes. It is not capable of peeling pineapples.

Peels: mango or melon

Based in Japan

Astra is located in Fukushima, Japan. Where their products are of great use to local companies. Astra peeling machines bring a range of benefits.

Their machines increase yield due to fine and clean peeling,reduce waste, increase safety, reduce labor costs, and increase productivity. Working with international companies like Astra is straightforward with Palmabriz.