Peeling & Coring Machine for Melon & Pineapple - model PL2 D

The semi-automatic peeling machine PL2 D is suitable for melons and pineapples.  Thanks to a mechanical system, it also allows pineapple coring, according to customer’s requirement. The PL2D is manually fed and works for outer peeling of the fruits, even if they are not calibrated or have an irregular shape. They can thus be easily peeled with maximum efficiency. To increase the production, the new system allows the peeling on a head while the other one is loaded.  To make the processing easier, and for a better hygiene and less fruit handling, the machine is equipped with an ejector that discharges the fruit directly unto a conveyor belt. The machine has a stainless steel structure. All components are easily changeable; all parts in contact with the fruit are made in food-approved material. The machine includes an electrical board equipped with two inverters: one to adjust the fruit speed and the other one to the speed of the blade.

The PL2 D features: 

  • Conveyor belt for peeled fruit
  • Conveyor belt for waste
  • Adjustable peel thickness
  • Different coring size format for pineapples
  • Variation of the speed production and fruit rotation through inverters
  • Simple and quick adjustment and maintenance
  • Electrical board made according to CEE/IP 65
  • Optional: Locking wheels.

Model  PL2 D

  • Max. Capacity: 720 - 950 fruits per hour
  • Dimensions: 40" x 83" x 67" (900 x 2000 x 2200 mm)
  • Fruit Size Range: 3.94" - 9.84" (100 - 250 mm)
  • Peel Thickness: 0.11" - 0.94" (3 - 10 mm)
  • Coring Size Range (for pineapples): 0.79" to 1.18" (20 to 30 mm )
  • Operator: 1