PND, an Italian fruit processing machinery manufacturer,

was founded in 2000 by a group of skilled technicians with an experience of 30 years in the agro industrial sector. During these years, the technical know-how and the passion of its founders have allowed our company to compete with companies existing in the international market for decades.

We believe that continuous research and technological development are the key of our success; we supply personalized solutions to satisfy the requests of every single customer. We think that the satisfaction of our customer through a relationship of trust and cooperation is the main target of our job.

Today the PND commercial network has spread out worldwide, in Europe, South and North America, South Africa and Asia, through a chain of companies and agents that operate guaranteeing after-sales service on site. In fact, it is very important for us to assist our customers before and after the purchase of machines, resolving any kind of problem that may arise through a fast and continuous assistance.





Peeler, corer and cutting machines

  • Apples/pears/kiwis and round fruits.

  • Automatic feeder for apples
  • Automatic feeder for pears

  • Peeler machine for oranges and kiwis
  • Peeler for Mangos
  • Peeler and corer for machine for melons and pineapples (360 fruits per hour)
  • Peeler and corer for machine for melons and pineapples (720 - 950 fruits per hour)


Cutters and Slicers

Cutters and Slicers

  • Universal Two head cutter and slicer for fruits and vegetables (semi-automatic)
  • Universal Eight head corer and cutter machine for fruits and vegetables (60-80 fruits per minute)
  • Slicer and dicer machine for melons and pineapples
  • Slicer for fruit rings (pineapples, kiwis, etc.)

Other Equipment

Other Equipment

  • Universal Fresh Fruit Treatment Dipping System (to minimize anti-oxidation)
  • Complete Watermelon line