Dipping System for Fresh Fruit Treatment

Our dipping system for fresh processed fruits helps prevents anti-oxidation, which causes browning discoloration effects. It is suitable for the treatment of whole or cut apples, pears, kiwis, pineapples, melons, oranges, and other fruits.

An optional measuring system can be installed for conductivity value; as well as an optional dosing system for freshness retainer to help in shelf-life extension.  Fruits dipped in a freshness retainer helps protect the fragrance and color.  The system has been designed to use the minimum quantity of water in the main tank and therefore the percentage of freshness retainer, guaranteeing 4-5 minutes of fruit dipping. 
The tank and the conveyor belts have been studied for a fast and effective cleaning and maintenance, reducing labor costs.

-  Low water quantity for treatment
-  Possibility to wash both floating and not floating fruits
-  Adjustable washing time
-  Available on wheels to make it easily moveable
-  Available options: measuring system for water conductivity value and dosing system for freshness retainer.


The Universal System is composed of:

  1. Unviersal dipping tank
  2. Dipping conveyor belt for fruits
  3. Conveyor belt for fruits
  4. Tank for water recirculation and pump
  5. Air blower unit
  6. Optional: Measuring system for conductivity value and control
  7. Optional: Dosing system to dose freshness retainer

Technical Features:

  • Medium tank dimensions: 110" x 26" x 34" (2800 x 650 x 850 mm) (customizable to the customer's requirements)
  • Water tank's capacity: range 100 - 160 lt (customizable to the customer's requirements)
  • Processing capacity: 200 - 500 kg/h
  • Processing: Whole apples, apple wedges, apple dice, apple slices, melon/pineapple, chunks, etc.