Driven Lower Lifter Kits (Angelus 60L)

As can manufactures continue to make lighter and lighter cans, the risk of running dead-head cans increases.  The best way to avoid this is by installing our Driven Lower Lifter Kit. Our kit is manufactured to the highest possible specifications and are short delivery time ensures that you will be quickly up and running.  Contact us today for a quotation.


Single Cover Knife Separator (EZO Cover Feeder)

Ready to run Easy-Open covers?  Make sure you check out our Single Cover Knife Separator.  Unlike other manufacturers, our design does not use a timing belt or needle bearings.  Instead, it is gear driven providing outstanding performance with little maintenance.  It is also mounted on an all stainless steel platform, allowing for easy sanitation.  

Available for: 40P, 50P/59P and 60L seamers.

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